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Safety Star Poster-Scratch Off Game

Safety Star Poster  Scratch Off Game

Safety Star Poster-Scratch Off Game


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  • This full color 11″ x 17″ scratch off poster allows you to instantly create your own scratch off isafety awareness incentive fun. You determine the prizes and outcome.
  • Can be used for employee safety training jprograms, safety recognition, safety involvements, and so much more. Your imagination is the only limitation.


  • There are 50 stars on the front of the poster.
  • Each star has a unique number ranging from 1-50. When an employee scratches off the star, they will match their number to the prize listed below and write in their name next to that number.
  •  When all stars are scratched off, the Grand Prize Star will be removed to reveal one Lucky Grand Prize Winner. The more stars earned, the better chance of winning the Grand Prize.


  • The prizes are determined by you based on your budget and your goals.
  • You write in your prizes on the front of the poster based on your choices.
  • Then write in your Grand Prize in the space indicated.

Safety Involvement, Recognition and Training can be Fun Too!

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6 Prize Messages under the Scratch-off, including non-winners

11" x17"; scratch off poster,