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Employee Point Programs

The Safety Award Store has been helping companies raise safety awareness with quality safety awards and promotional giveaways since 1981. In addition to our traditional ecommerce store, we also provide various incentive award programs to drive employee behavior to meet corporate goals. These types of programs fall into the following categories.


Employee Point Programs

Point programs are generally open-ended programs that award employees with points so they can use those points as currency to purchase from 1,000’s of different products or save those points to choose awards of greater value in the future. 

In this type of program, the company identifies a set of employee behaviors or actions that would best help the company meet specific safety goals.  Each action is given a value based on it’s importance to achieving these goals.  Each employee would have their own account which displays how many points they have available and allows them to use those points as currency to choose their own award!

Click on the links below to view specific point program pages:

  • Safety Point Lite - No Frills, no minimum purchases, no annual fees!
  • Safety Point - Online employee program filled with features including: games, nominations, messaging, anniversaries, etc.