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Awards Overview

Safety Award Store has been helping companies raise safety awareness with quality safety awards and promotional giveaways since 1981. In addition to our traditional ecommerce store, we also provide various incentive award programs to drive employee behavior to meet corporate goals. These types of programs fall into the following categories.


Employee Point Programs

Point programs are generally open-ended programs that award employees with points to be used as currency to purchase from 1,000’s of different products or save those points to choose awards of greater value in the future. Most importantly, employees are more engaged in the program because they get to choose the award that best fits their individual needs or wants. 

In this type of program, the company identifies a set of employee behaviors or actions that would best help the company meet specific safety goals.  Each action is given a value based on it’s importance to achieving these goals.  Each employee would have their own account which displays how many points they have available and allows them to use those points as currency to choose their own award!

We have several options of programs to meet your requirements and, in most cases, can customize a program as required.  Here are some of the variations we offer:


  •  - Online program; lifestyle products; shipping included; no minimum purchases, satisfaction guarantee, etc.!
  • - Same as SafetyPoint Lite but packed with features including: games, nominations, messaging, anniversaries, custom web design, etc.  


Employee Milestone Achievement Programs

Milestone Programs are formalized company plans to award all employees (as a team) for achieving a specific milestone with a choice of one product from a list of available products in a specified price level set by management.  As an example, if the entire company achieves a specified safety rating over a 6-month period, every employee would be given one code and a link to a website to choose any product from that level.

Here are some examples and variations of this type of program:


  • Gift Catalogs -formal catalogs offering up to 60 awards in 12 different price level.  Managers hand out the catalogs and employees get to choose one award that will be shipped to their home.
  • On-the-Spot Gift Cards - Cards that can be printed with your custom design in various denominations.  Employees will use the code on the card to acccess an online award website to choose one award from over 100 options
  • Emailed Award Codes - Award codes can be sent via email or printed on labels and placed in payroll envelopes
  • - We setup a custom website with 2-6 safety-themed products with your company logo and/or safety message.  Every employee gets an award code to choose any one product.  After a set duration, we compile the list of choices and ship all awards to your company HQ for a formal safety awards presentation
  • Safety Awards - PDF Option - Same as MySafetyAwards, however, the award options are printed on paper, distributed to employees, filled out, and handed back in instead of being automatically handled by our MySafetyAwards website


Miscellaneous Employee Award Options

The above programs are award plans that usually come with a formalized plan for awarding employees based on pre-set actions.  However, the majority of employee awards are not part of formalized plans.  Most are just ad-hoc awards given to employees after-the-fact for meeting or exceeding expectations.  We offer many different ad-hoc employee award options such as:


  • Scratch-off Cards & Prize Kits will add some fun to the award process
  • Gift Catalogs have no minimum quantity restrictions.  Managers often stash a few in their desk for special awards
  • On-the-Spot Cards - Superintendents often carry these to hand out to employees meeting or exceeding safety goals
  • Scratch-off Posters - Random prizes your employees could win on a scratch of poster
  • Safety Poster Calendar Contest - Invite your employees and their families to think Safety!  Build employee goodwill, promote family time and your employees will love it! We can even help you choose the prizes for the winners too
  • Extensive Catalog of products that can be customized with your safety message and/or logo.  
  • ...and many other custom options.  If you can think it, we can make it happen


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