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About Us

  • Rewarding Safety Since 1981

    The Safety Award Store has been helping companies raise safety awareness with quality safety awards since 1981. We utilize over 100 production facilities located throughout the United States and Canada in order to bring you the best selection of safety award gifts, milestone incentive ideas and promotional safety items available.

  • Personalized Safety-themed Products

    Choose from pre-messaged items or imprint your own safety message and logo on useful products for your team awards. Our Safety Awards can be completely customized with your Logo, Message and Milestone Achievement printed on each item. Everything you need to recognize employee safety milestones, goals and safety awareness on the job and in the workplace, now and during National Safety Month.

  • Safety Awareness

    We offer a wide variety of awards, reminders and safety incentives at prices that fit any budget. Our safety awareness products include flashlights, pins, first-aid and, drinkware, safety snacks, survival kits, hats, t-shirts, tools and more to help you conduct successful safety awareness meetings or motivate and reward safe workers.

  • Reward Safety with Safety

    Safety Award Store products guarantee the "wow" factor by combining our strongest motivation to be safe with products that improve employee's lives and protect their families" . Our products have meaningful, everyday application and the value-added outcomes we all want, no matter what the industry. A safety gift tells your employees that you care about them as well as their contribution to the workplace! With our products' utility-safety blend, you can cast a very wide net whether it's safety at home, on the road, in emergencies or for the season.

  • Raise Awareness, Lower Safety-Related Costs

    Safety and health issues cost companies billions of dollars every year in lost wages, productivity, medical costs, insurance administration, etc. Help reduce your expenses by involving employees in your safety program through education and motivation, both on and off the job using safety awards and incentives.

  • Industry Leader

    Our dedicated Account Managers work tirelessly to bring you new and unique products quicker than you ever thought possible, with the quality you have come to expect from an industry leader.

Safety is not an accident !!

Motivate and Reward Employees with products that promote safety first !

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