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  • Gift Catalogs and Spot Gift Cards are available in price levels from $25-$1000.  Each price level features over 100 name brand products. 

    Each Gift Booklet includes our Safety Award Presentation package complete with Safety-themed Covers, Certificate stationery and seals to match the safety theme.

  • Our Safety Award  GIft Booklets  let your employees choose the perfect gift every time

  • Gifts are shipped FREE to employees homes within the contiguous 48 states.


You choose a dollar amount ($25-$1000) that fits your budget.  We ship the Gift Booklets or Gift Cards to you. You distribute them to the lucky employees and employees select their own gift from a selection of over 100 products. Employees never see prices regardless of the gift they choose. Once chosen, their Safety Award is shipped directly to their home for FREE within the contiguous 48 states!  We take care of any customer service issues too, including return shipping to our warehouse, should the gift not be questions asked!

Best of all, there is no minimum order requirement. You can order as few as one booklet.

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Product # Level Price Qty
AD012844 Topaz Gift Booklets - $35 35.00
AD012845 Pearl Gift Booklets - $50 50.00
AD012846 Ruby Gift Booklets - $75 75.00
AD012847 Emerald Gift Booklets - $100 100.00
AD012848 Diamond Gift Booklets - $150 150.00
AD012849 Pewter Gift Booklets - $225 225.00
AD012850 Copper Gift Booklets - $275 275.00
AD013134 Bronze Gift Booklets - $400 400.00
AD013135 Silver Gift Booklets - $500 500.00
AD013136 Gold Gift Booklets - $750 750.00
AD013137 Platinum Gift Booklets - $1000 1000.00