Employee Safety Programs

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What are Employee Safety Award Programs?

Turn-key programs designed to award your employees for positive safety behaviors while removing the burden of administration of such a program from your safety administrator.

What types of programs do we offer?

The Safety Award Store offers two specific types of programs.

  • Awards Program – Offers all employees one redemption code each to select an award of equal value.  This increases employee satisfaction by allowing them some choice in the award process instead of giving everyone the same award.
  • Points Program – Tracks points for all employees so they can select products of unequal value.  This program allows you to run a program that awards the actions of each individual instead of awarding all employees with the same value award.  You control who gets points, so you control the value of each employees award level.

How do these programs work?

  1. You provide the list of employees, their award eligibility level, and a choice of award options from www.safetyawardstore.com
  2. The Safety Award Store will load all employees, notify them of their award, manager their accounts, collate their orders, and ship all awards!
  3. The Safety Award Store provides this service at NO ADDITIONAL COST
  4. No long-term contracts

Multiple program options to meet your requirements:

In addition to these specific programs, there are several variations of our standard programs:

Your Safety Director will choose:

  • Employee access via online store or brochure
  • Add your logo and colors to the online store or brochure.
  • Choose safety products or lifestyle products to award your employees
  • Imprint each award with your logo or safety message at no additional charge
  • Several options to notify your employees of their award.
  • Additional programming options are available to further customize your specific program



Follow these Links for more information: 


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