In our blog we will post information that may be very helpful for your organization.  Here is an outline of what you will find on here:


Safety Incentive Specials:

In this section, you will find an archive of our hottest product specials.  Each PDF has active links to take you directly to the products you are interested in.


Employee Safety Program Info:

We offer programs that are FREE to you that will offer your employees a CHOICE of their award!

Choose the award type:

  • Safety Themed products imprinted with your company logo and/or safety message
  • Lifestyle products such as electronics, tools, household items, sporting goods, etc.

Choose the program type:

  • Safety Award – allows employees to choose one product from a pre-selected list of options
  • Safety Points – allows employees to choose products options on an on-going basis using points as currency.

Choose the program mode:

  • Online Private Employee Store
  • Gift Booklets
  • Printed Flyers
  • Printed Posters


Follow these links to learn more about Employee Safety Point Programs:

  • Employee Program Info – Follow this link to see posts on various Employee Award Program topics updated regularly.
  • Employee Gift Booklets – Allow your employee to choose their own gift from over 100 options!  You choose your budget.  The employee can choose their gift via mail, online, or by phone.  Once chosen, the gift is shipped directly to their home with FREE shipping!
  • Employee Scratch-Off Programs – Award your employees with fun scratch-off cards.  Pick from several packages.


Stock Safety Artwork:

Sample artwork that can be imprinted on most products.


Request Information:

Follow this link to fill out a short form and one of our experts will contact you to answer any questions you may have around employee safety programs or products available for sale on our website: www.safetyawardstore.com

Safety Industry News:

Current news reports related to the Safety Industry


About Us:

Since we have been in business since 1981, you can trust Safety Award Store to meet your event date while providing the highest quality products and customer service in the industry.